Dark Forest

Swashes Buckled



Crime Spree

The Dungeon

The Trail

A Closer Look

Cheval Island Exploration



Fish Tank

NBA JAM 2004 Theme:  The Jam Show

Indievisuals Theme

PHS Theme

Turtle Wax Funk

Samba del Ciudad

The Great Journey

3 Responses to Demos

  1. Langston Karabani says:

    Nelson, i am a big fan. I play Wizard101 and got curious to the music behind it. The Great Journey and Dark Forest are ones i specifically remember, however, they seem different than the in game version. The Great Journey is cut in some parts for sure. Is there a way i can obtain the sheet music for anything from Wizard101?

    • neverhart says:

      Hey Langston, thanks for visiting! I don’t remember any modifications, but it’s certainly possible. It’s probably time for some new material on the site anyway!

      The rights for the music for W101 belong to King’s Isle, so I couldn’t provide sheet music for the music even if I had time. They’re the best people to ask, but realistically they’re more focussed on improving the game. It takes a lot of time to generate sheet music, and what kinds of musicians would one provide sheet music for? Piano players? Xylophonists? Harpists? Beginners or advanced? What key? Lots of questions.

      I did compose a couple of pieces for The Lost Levels project, for which I provided sheet music… so please check that out and let me know what you think. Maybe if more people find it useful and I find some time I’ll start that project up again!

      Some listeners have taken matters into their own hands… you might be able to find some stuff out there in the wild. If you’re able to play any of it by ear, you might even be able to write it out yourself. Let me know what you find!

  2. Michael Weir says:

    Nelson! When I learned you were composing for Crowfall, I made me ecstatic enough that I wanted to just let you know that I wish you and the devs on that team only the best. I’m very much looking forward to it, especially now. I was first introduced to your music through Turok: Evolution as a kid, an ost that somehow redeemed the unfortunately problematic gameplay with stimulating beats that matched the frantic pace of a shooter, but still managed to convey a very cinematic feeling. I’m sorry if I’m gushing a bit, but it’s easy to take orchestral music for granted in video games these days, and it’s worth recognizing what you did with just orchestral enhancements in 2002. Thank you for the fond memories!

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