Dark Forest

Swashes Buckled



Crime Spree

The Dungeon

The Trail

A Closer Look

Cheval Island Exploration



Fish Tank

NBA JAM 2004 Theme:  The Jam Show

Indievisuals Theme

PHS Theme

Turtle Wax Funk

Samba del Ciudad

The Great Journey

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  1. Langston Karabani says:

    Nelson, i am a big fan. I play Wizard101 and got curious to the music behind it. The Great Journey and Dark Forest are ones i specifically remember, however, they seem different than the in game version. The Great Journey is cut in some parts for sure. Is there a way i can obtain the sheet music for anything from Wizard101?

    • neverhart says:

      Hey Langston, thanks for visiting! I don’t remember any modifications, but it’s certainly possible. It’s probably time for some new material on the site anyway!

      The rights for the music for W101 belong to King’s Isle, so I couldn’t provide sheet music for the music even if I had time. They’re the best people to ask, but realistically they’re more focussed on improving the game. It takes a lot of time to generate sheet music, and what kinds of musicians would one provide sheet music for? Piano players? Xylophonists? Harpists? Beginners or advanced? What key? Lots of questions.

      I did compose a couple of pieces for The Lost Levels project, for which I provided sheet music… so please check that out and let me know what you think. Maybe if more people find it useful and I find some time I’ll start that project up again!

      Some listeners have taken matters into their own hands… you might be able to find some stuff out there in the wild. If you’re able to play any of it by ear, you might even be able to write it out yourself. Let me know what you find!

      • Langston says:

        Nelson, back at it again! I love the touch ups to all the music you did in wizard101!

        • neverhart says:

          Hey Langston – sorry for the late reply (I’m just going to copy and paste that to everyone!)

          Thanks, I like the touchups as well! I dug up the MIDI tracks, and a talented musician (Krys Kozlowski!) at KI did the reorchestration of the classic tunes. It was a project that the KI sound team felt strongly about and put a lot of effort into and I really enjoyed hearing the result!

  2. Michael Weir says:

    Nelson! When I learned you were composing for Crowfall, I made me ecstatic enough that I wanted to just let you know that I wish you and the devs on that team only the best. I’m very much looking forward to it, especially now. I was first introduced to your music through Turok: Evolution as a kid, an ost that somehow redeemed the unfortunately problematic gameplay with stimulating beats that matched the frantic pace of a shooter, but still managed to convey a very cinematic feeling. I’m sorry if I’m gushing a bit, but it’s easy to take orchestral music for granted in video games these days, and it’s worth recognizing what you did with just orchestral enhancements in 2002. Thank you for the fond memories!

    • neverhart says:

      Holy cow, I’m sorry I missed this comment! But to be fair, we’d just had our daughter and I couldn’t even remember what sleep looked like!-) Turok: Evolution was a fun project: when I first joined Acclaim Entertainment, they had just published Turok 2, and I was hyped to get to work on such a popular title. You can only take responsibility for your part of any project, so I try to do good work no matter how the project’s going.

      Thanks again for the kind words, and stay in touch! -n

  3. Sabrina Allard says:

    Hi Mr.Everhart! I have been playing Wizard101 for a very long time and I adore the music. Anytime I come across a theme I really like I listen to it so much I wear it out. I finally decided to look up the music writer in the credits and found your name. I’m very glad I did. Thank you for all your hard work on this amazing music. I am a beginning musician and play french horn so whenever I stumble across an epic theme I listen to it until I can play it myself! I do have one question, though. Is your music performed and recorded by a specific group of people? If so, who? I’d love to be able to learn more about this, as I fall in love with video game and movie soundtracks so easily. Thank you so much!

    • neverhart says:

      Hi Sabrina! Your enjoyment of my music is thanks enough, but I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I LOVE the french horn (if you couldn’t tell by how often I use it!-) I play trumpet, and I have a hard time squeezing my chops inside such a small mouthpiece or I’d want to learn myself.

      Learning how to play something by ear is a GREAT skill that will serve you well in playing, transcribing, arranging, writing… basically any musical pursuit. When I was first starting, I would try to play stuff I heard on the radio and it taught me a lot about music theory, and I was able to use those melodies and harmonies in my own music. Even today, I play in a wedding band and have to learn cover tunes by ear!

      I suppose you could say my music is performed by a specific group: me. Most of the Wizard 101 music is performed with samples and sound libraries I trigger with a MIDI keyboard. I’m trying to put together something that would show everyone how I compose music… I’m hoping to get that up soon, so check my site for more info.

      And I also love movie soundtracks! The Star Wars score is probably responsible for me writing music! I used to listen to it over and over…

      thanks! -n

  4. Clayton Canerday says:

    Hello Mr. Nelson Everhart. I recently replayed a game from my childhood called Turok Evolution. Though I remembered many things from the game, the one thing I remembered to most was the music. Just the main theme song “Evolution” had stuck with me for all my life. I looked up the soundtrack and was amazed to see the same guy who worked on Turok Evolution also worked on another game from my childhood Wizard101. I decided to go to your website to thank you for giving me some of the most memorable music I’d have ever heard.

    • neverhart says:

      Thanks Clayton! Turok 3 was one of the first big games I worked on early in my career… but since it was released for N64, I had to jump through all kinds of technical hoops to get the music on the cartridge. Turok Evolution was released on disc, so I didn’t have to worry about how much memory the music required… it was nice to just focus on creating an interesting score!

      Glad you enjoyed the music, thanks for the kind words! -n

  5. Gail says:

    Hi Nelson, my son, James (14) , is a HUGE fan of your music! I always knew he enjoyed it, as he would play the music from Youtube all the time, and specifically in the evening when he did his homework. It relaxed him. He has always been a fan of symphony music, etc., but there’s something about your music that he especially enjoys. I am trying to find out if you sell your music in CD form (specifically from Wizard 101), or if it is somewhere he can download it onto his phone. He is not always somewhere where he can access youtube, so to be able to simply play your music anywhere would be wonderful. Please let me know if purchasing it is possible. Thank you so much.

    • neverhart says:

      Hi Gail!

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad James finds it relaxing enough to study to!-) Unfortunately, King’s Isle owns the rights to the music and hasn’t so far seemed interested in producing a soundtrack album. There are some snippets on their website for download, but nothing like a comprehensive album. I recommend contacting them… it’s something I’d like to do but unless a bunch of people express an interest in it to them there’s not much to be done. Thanks again!


  6. Chris says:

    Hi, Nelson!

    I have a question about your contributions to the Legends of Wrestling games, specifically the one titled “Showdown: Legends of Wrestling”. I know it has been over a decade since the game came out, but do you happen to remember which compositions were specifically done by you?

    Thanks for your time!

    • neverhart says:

      Hey Chris,

      Sorry for the delayed response… wow, Legends of Wrestling! Yeah, thats been awhile. I don’t remember what the tracks were called or what they were used for… I think they were menu screen tunes? I’d probably recognize them if I heard them. Most of the tracks were written by Mike Tekulve, the resident (only!-) guitar guy at the time at our studio and I think Michael Pummell contributed as well. Email me if you have any further questions and I’ll do my best to think back that far!


  7. Jason Bailsing says:

    After playing through some of the games that have your amazing soundtrack that were made by Acclaim entertainment, I was wondering, where I could buy some of the soundtracks, like Turok Evolution, and Vexx.

    • neverhart says:

      Hey Jason,

      Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, when you write music for video games, the rights to the music belong with the game’s publisher. Since Acclaim is out of business, it’s very hard to figure out who even owns the IP to that stuff anymore, so yeah… not likely to see an album as far as I can tell. For what it’s worth, YouTube has pretty much everything I’ve ever written on it somewhere, so maybe you can start there. -n

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